The Fluff Report: This Weekend's Silver Lining

March 1, 2013

This Weekend's Silver Lining

Last night I saw Silver Linings Playbook. I hadn't seen a movie in the theater in months, something I used to do weekly bk (before kids). So I was definitely in the mood to see something award worthy. I had purposely not listened to anything about the movie so I had no idea what it really was about, mental illness. It was amazing. I laughed, cried and didn't want it to end. There is a reason Jennifer Lawrence is the new "IT" girl. She's plain and simply put: real. Anyone watching the Oscars saw that. What I was even more in awe of was Bradley Cooper. No, not just because he's perfect looking and I secretly want to marry him in another life. It was by far his best performance to date. He was undeniabley believable as someone living with bipolar disorder. I wish that he had won some bigger accolades for this role. Your time will come Bradley Cooper!

 photo 4111d612-437b-4e1e-98b9-780f02159c37.jpg

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If this doesn't make you love JL, I don't know what will!!


  1. Yep, definitely love JLaw. She is so down to earth, I'm pretty sure that we are destined to be best friends, ha
    xo TJ

  2. she is just the real and so cute!



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