The Fluff Report: Runnin' on the Green

March 13, 2013

Runnin' on the Green

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I think most people feel their best when they're exercising. {Little know fact: I actually have a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Physiology.} My exercise is running. I've been doing the annual St. Patrick's Runnin' On the Green here in Rochester for the past 10 years. It's a 5 mile race and it's amazing that just last year was my best time ever! I guess some things do get better with age. I used to have to train to do 5 miles and now my training is for half marathons {13.1 miles}. My third 1/2 is coming up on April 28th. My goal is for under 2 hours but that is a long shot! So I have to confess that I'm not in my 20's and I'm closer to 40, but I'm telling you this because I didn't start running until I was in my 30's! So if you are thinking that it is too late to get in shape or to try something new, you are completely WRONG! {no offense} 

I just bought the Adidas Energy Boost sneaks from our local FleetFeet store. This shoe was just released February 27th in only 200 specialty shops across the US. What makes it so different? The foam in the sole is made of thousands of tiny capsules rather than a single sheet, like most traditional running shoes. That makes it bouncier and Adidas claims it saves energy with every step. I bought into it. But I must say, Adidas is my running shoe. I've been wearing the same Adidas shoe for 6 years. {not the same pair, but same design} I think what's most important when investing in a running shoe {these were $150} is the feel and comfort for you as an individual. 

With the weather warming up, now's your time to get out there, get motivated and try something new to feel great about yourself! And let me know when and what you do. {I'm nosy like that} 

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