March 27, 2013


Sorry I've been MIA over the last week. We literally sold our house in 48 hours this past weekend and as of now, have no place to go {except Mom's}. I'm certainly not complaining. There are good problems to have and this is definitely one of them. 

A bad problem to have is short, stumpy lashes. I'm more of a long, lush lashes look kinda girl. I don't have the steadiness to apply falsies so I rely on my mascara to do the work. Unfortunately, I can never experiment with mascaras. I have a serious allergy to most of them, so when I find something that doesn't make me rub my eyes out, it becomes a permanent fixture in my make-up bag. DIORSHOW was my constant until the last time I bought a tube, Sephora gave me a sample of DIORSHOW Iconic Overcurl. After trying this 3 days, I returned my classic DS for the overcurl. It's a mascara on steroids. I could not believe the curl it gave my lashes! They look ten times longer. {and I haven't felt like I needed to use my Latisse} Like I said, there are good problems to have...

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