The Fluff Report: Blog Spotlight: Penny Pincher Fashion

March 15, 2013

Blog Spotlight: Penny Pincher Fashion

I recently had a blogger-coffee date with Kimberly who runs Penny Pincher Fashion. As an avid follower of her blog, I was more than excited to find her living in my own backyard! {Actually she lives in a house with her husband and children not located in my backyard but still very, very close to me} What I love most about PPF is that Kimberly showcases real clothes for real women. She never posts something she wouldn't wear in real life. Getting the real part of this yet? We chatted for what seemed like forever and then I put on a reporter hat and pulled out my list of questions. Here folks, is the real deal...

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#1. When did you start blogging? Penny Pincher Fashion just celebrated it's two year anniversary in February. 

#2. What made you start a blog? Friends and family encouraged me to share my love of attainable fashion ideas and deals. 

#3. Your skin is AMAZING! What is your routine? My skin changed after the birth of my son. I went to my dermatologist who stripped me down to the basics. I use dove bar soap {really?!}, CeraVe moisturizer, a prescription product to even out skin tone and LaRoche-Posay eye cream. 

#4. What type of camera do you use? A Canon Rebel T3 with a 55mm lens and zoom lens. Always scouting a deal, she recommends waiting for a day like Cyber Monday so you don't have to pay full price! 

#5. Who takes your pictures? My husband. 

#6. Any advice to someone who wants to start a blog? Pick a topic you are passionate about. Write about something true to your lifestyle. You will never see clothing that is high fashion on my blog because it's not realistic to what I wear. Be authentic. The blogging market is saturated but if you find your niche and do it well, it can eventually set you apart. 

#7. Where are your favorite places to shop? J.Crew when they have a sale. H&M, Gap for jeans & pants. Anywhere I can find a deal. 

#8. Any trends you are inspired by this season? Black and White. Florals. Pastels.

#9. Beauty product you can't live without? Smashbox primer. 

#10. Project Runway or Fashion Star? Fashion Star because it's more accessible. 

Take a look at Penny Pincher Fashion and be sure to follow on Facebook//Twitter//Instagram


  1. Aww, thank you so much for this - I loved getting to chat with you & finally meet IRL! Hope we get to do it again soon :)


    1. I had so much fun! Let's get together again soon!!


  2. What a fantastic interview!


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