The Fluff Report: Operation: Beautiful Skin, Part 2

February 11, 2013

Operation: Beautiful Skin, Part 2

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Remember Kristin, the Enforcer of all bad skin? If you haven't had a chance to read part 1 of this post, be sure to check out all the info on chemical peels here. If you're ready for Part 2, keep reading. 

The heavy hitter of my Skinceuticals Firming and Reconditiong facial was Vitamin C. Vit C is naturally found in the skin but diminishes as we age. (What doesn't diminish with age, answer me that!) So what does it do? By stabilizing your skin's Vitamin C, it can help build collagen production, which we all know that when collagen breaks down, so does the skin's elasticity and then wrinkles start to work their (black) magic. It also helps reverse sun damage. I once was told it looked like I had a map of Russia on my forehead, but no, it was just pigmentation from the sun (and a certain medication I was taking).  Where oh where was my Vitamin C then? Kristin touted Vitamin C as a protector. Not a substitute for sunscreen, but worn on a daily basis, it can protect the skin from UV discoloration and potentially embarrassing situations like the one just disclosed. 

So how do you get this stuff in your system? Although my daily intake of oranges just increased three fold, it's best applied topically. Look for the active ingredient, L-ascorbic acid. What's most important is that the anti-oxidant is in the most stabilized form. Look for an airtight, opaque bottle! Kristin said Vitamin C works great with another anti-aging anti-oxidant, Vitamin E--that's the alpha tocopherol. The Ferulic Acid helps stabilize the Vit C which again is important for achieving the maximum benefit. 

So basically this little number can provide a whole lot of anti-aging goodness. It'll set you back a buck fitty so I think I'll start a little fund with left over grocery money. The kids can survive off fruit roll-ups and soup for a month, right? 

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