The Fluff Report: Just Another Mani Monday...Home Gel Mani Kit

February 18, 2013

Just Another Mani Monday...Home Gel Mani Kit

red carpet gel mani

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I love treating myself to a gel mani. There is no comparison that they last significantly longer than a basic polish, especially with the wear and tear on my hands from using santizer 40 times a day and having two kids. You get the point that hands are frequently being washed over here, not to mention they've aged 30x faster than the rest of me. And my nails have been neglected lately. I have one that recently lost a battle with a serious set of sharp chompers. I was so thankful when my sister in-law let me try her Red Carpet Gel Polish Pro Kit from Ulta. I picked up a navy polish for $9.99, waited 'til the kids went to bed and set up my kit. 

The directions were sooo much easier than I prepared for. I follow instructions to a T so when it told me to hold my nails under the light for 30 sec, I set a timer. And when it told me not to look directly at the light, I tried really hard not to. My husband asked if I needed sunglasses because I looked so stressed trying not to peek. The end result was more than I hoped for. My nails look shiny and professionally done. Can't wait to see how long they last. I'll keep you all posted. Happy Monday!

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  1. Such a perfect mani! Thanks for the reminder, I was actually going to paint my nails this morning haha!



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