The Fluff Report: Celeb inspiration: Jessica Biel in Workday Chic

February 22, 2013

Celeb inspiration: Jessica Biel in Workday Chic

Celeb inspi workday chic

work day chic
Top Row: Blazer: Calvin Klein Jeans, Blouse: Tinley Road, Pants: Ark&Co
Middle Row: Blazer: Bb Dakota ($39!), Blouse: F21, Pants: Vince
Bottom Row: Blazer: H&M, Cami: American Apparel, Pants: DVF

I admit that I get a little lazy with my work attire. When you wear a lab coat all day, it's easy to get lackadaisical when you know the only thing seen is a neckline, pants hem and shoes. I could be wearing  a dickey on top and people wouldn't bat an eyelash. When I saw this photo of Jessica Biel it inspired me to get back in the game. I can't possibly fit a blazer under a lab coat but this outfit combo is perfect on days when I'm at a conference or doing office internet browsing chores. Open toes in a health care setting is somewhat frowned upon so I'd stick to nude pumps. But today is Friday and I'm lazy so my jazzed up workday chic will have to wait until after the weekend.


  1. She is one of my faves! Love the outfit. I know what you mean, sometimes it's really hard to stay motivated especially since I'm in workout gear most of the day!


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