The Fluff Report: Black & White with a PoP of NARS

February 15, 2013

Black & White with a PoP of NARS

Remember when I said here, that I could never see myself using any colors from the Nars Sp '13 collection? Well, I called on my girl Jennifer at Scott Miller to teach me a thing or two...
 photo 1f00f58b-dacc-4e44-9abe-637d24d1a210.jpg

 photo 15b20a9b-1046-4aa1-b677-3bac20183cbc.jpg
major girl crush...she could paint me up like a clown and I'd be sold!

 photo 1637003f-fb68-4f50-9802-8382b03dd614.jpg
Eyes: Bouthan + Brumes eye shadow duo, Liner: used on bottom lash line: Cyan from Mad Mad World eye shadow duo, Lips: liner:Tonga, fill in color: Cythere, gloss: Piree

 photo d12f6792-c43f-4913-b3c6-433eb6e06690.jpg
I'm super happy in the picture even though you can't tell. Just wanted to make sure you could see my lips

 photo 0e112580-3ca6-4890-8ccd-e36dec7bd17a.jpg

 photo 447203ae-441b-49b7-b93b-bb11989c0f37.jpg

 photo dc588a2a-af10-4025-9b48-c92cec8c95e6.jpg

 photo 6fe5fba0-5cd3-41b5-b769-57967028afeb.jpg

 photo 324032be-0cce-4246-bfa5-1b44306aca91.jpg
{NARS Spring Collection 2013}

{tuxedo jacket: Anthropologie, Jeans: SFAM, Heels: Sam Edelman, Purse: LuLus, similar, Necklace: StellaDot, Bracelets: J.Crew,Anthro, S&D}

I'm convinced! Thanks to Jennifer I'm no longer afraid of big bold makeup collections. She did agree that the papricka shadow would be hard to pull off and the sangria blush is slightly harsh for fairer skin tones, but the soft baby pinks would be a perfect match. And they were. We went a little outside the collection and added a Nars smokey gray shadow to the crease, which prevented "albino tired eyes" Ahh Yes...So that's the description I'm always searching for when I pull an all pink lid. My favorite part of this look is how she added the cyan shadow as a liner to the bottom lash line and combined it with black. 

I wanted to pair this beauty look with classic black and white. Black and white pieces are something everyone has in their closets. I promise. Go look. See, I was right. I'm either psychic or have been snooping around your house. OK, maybe you wanna go lock your doors now. Stay tuned for another b&w look. There might be a tutu involved. 


  1. Stellar post, Becky. Many thanks for making our world shine ever bright and beautifully NARS.

  2. I love your blazer! And your makeup looks so pretty!!

  3. pretty woman, with or without makeup! love your blazer too :)

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