The Fluff Report: February 2013

February 27, 2013

Beauty Look Inspiration: Alexa Chung

 photo f462dd9ebe11103b45f08749ed9da442.jpg

Alexa Chung is a British model, tv host and has been labeled a "phenomenon" from Vogue's Anna Wintour. To me she has truly original, if not a bit quirky, style. At the Grammy's though, she shined with a more classic beauty look. A bright red lip (worn to perfection) and soft peachy blush was part girl next door and part sexy siren. I'm definitely looking forward to recreating the look with Smashbox's new Megatint long wear lip color and Halo long wear blush. What I would really love to recreate though are her eyebrows. Wowza! Love those perfectly groomed arches. Quite a phenomenon. 

February 25, 2013

Monday Splurge vs. Steal

splurge vs steal

splurge: parker tux pants, sanctuary jacket
steal:willow&clay pants, nastygal moto jacket

Two clothing items I'm adoring right now are a pair of fun cropped tuxedo pants and white leather moto jacket. What a cute ensemble when paired together, but equally amazing as a stand alone piece in your wardrobe. I don't know about you, but I can hardly tell the difference between the higher and lower end pieces but the "steals" are a lot easier on the bank account. What a great way to start the week!

February 22, 2013

Celeb inspiration: Jessica Biel in Workday Chic

Celeb inspi workday chic

work day chic
Top Row: Blazer: Calvin Klein Jeans, Blouse: Tinley Road, Pants: Ark&Co
Middle Row: Blazer: Bb Dakota ($39!), Blouse: F21, Pants: Vince
Bottom Row: Blazer: H&M, Cami: American Apparel, Pants: DVF

I admit that I get a little lazy with my work attire. When you wear a lab coat all day, it's easy to get lackadaisical when you know the only thing seen is a neckline, pants hem and shoes. I could be wearing  a dickey on top and people wouldn't bat an eyelash. When I saw this photo of Jessica Biel it inspired me to get back in the game. I can't possibly fit a blazer under a lab coat but this outfit combo is perfect on days when I'm at a conference or doing office internet browsing chores. Open toes in a health care setting is somewhat frowned upon so I'd stick to nude pumps. But today is Friday and I'm lazy so my jazzed up workday chic will have to wait until after the weekend.

February 20, 2013

Spring Stripes



 photo cf4aff5c-e7f2-4c9b-886c-c08be97a1257.jpg
{Top: Banana Republic, Vest: Eight Sixty Jeans: J.Crew, similar, Belt: J.Crew Factory, similar, Sunglasses: RayBan}

A striped top is such a wardrobe staple. Stripes definitely get me in the mood for Spring, but 25 degrees with a 0 degree windchill may be the only thing that makes me beg for Spring even more than a classic top. This picture was the only one I could post because for most of them it looked like a bat was sitting on my head. Which then made me think how funny it would be to show some blogging photo bloopers. More on that later. I like the nautical stripe but neon stripes or mixing it up with florals adds a little punch.  But back to the cold weather...I thought "Punxsutawney Phil" did NOT see his shadow. Where is this early Spring, Phil? 

Stop staring Phil, that is NOT a bat on my head...
 photo 88640802-aad9-49ff-b55f-f1659d939efb.jpg

February 18, 2013

Just Another Mani Monday...Home Gel Mani Kit

red carpet gel mani

 photo 8a6f6053-316d-4df7-804d-d33aba37e1de.jpg

I love treating myself to a gel mani. There is no comparison that they last significantly longer than a basic polish, especially with the wear and tear on my hands from using santizer 40 times a day and having two kids. You get the point that hands are frequently being washed over here, not to mention they've aged 30x faster than the rest of me. And my nails have been neglected lately. I have one that recently lost a battle with a serious set of sharp chompers. I was so thankful when my sister in-law let me try her Red Carpet Gel Polish Pro Kit from Ulta. I picked up a navy polish for $9.99, waited 'til the kids went to bed and set up my kit. 

The directions were sooo much easier than I prepared for. I follow instructions to a T so when it told me to hold my nails under the light for 30 sec, I set a timer. And when it told me not to look directly at the light, I tried really hard not to. My husband asked if I needed sunglasses because I looked so stressed trying not to peek. The end result was more than I hoped for. My nails look shiny and professionally done. Can't wait to see how long they last. I'll keep you all posted. Happy Monday!

February 15, 2013

Black & White with a PoP of NARS

Remember when I said here, that I could never see myself using any colors from the Nars Sp '13 collection? Well, I called on my girl Jennifer at Scott Miller to teach me a thing or two...
 photo 1f00f58b-dacc-4e44-9abe-637d24d1a210.jpg

 photo 15b20a9b-1046-4aa1-b677-3bac20183cbc.jpg
major girl crush...she could paint me up like a clown and I'd be sold!

 photo 1637003f-fb68-4f50-9802-8382b03dd614.jpg
Eyes: Bouthan + Brumes eye shadow duo, Liner: used on bottom lash line: Cyan from Mad Mad World eye shadow duo, Lips: liner:Tonga, fill in color: Cythere, gloss: Piree

 photo d12f6792-c43f-4913-b3c6-433eb6e06690.jpg
I'm super happy in the picture even though you can't tell. Just wanted to make sure you could see my lips

 photo 0e112580-3ca6-4890-8ccd-e36dec7bd17a.jpg

 photo 447203ae-441b-49b7-b93b-bb11989c0f37.jpg

 photo dc588a2a-af10-4025-9b48-c92cec8c95e6.jpg

 photo 6fe5fba0-5cd3-41b5-b769-57967028afeb.jpg

 photo 324032be-0cce-4246-bfa5-1b44306aca91.jpg
{NARS Spring Collection 2013}

{tuxedo jacket: Anthropologie, Jeans: SFAM, Heels: Sam Edelman, Purse: LuLus, similar, Necklace: StellaDot, Bracelets: J.Crew,Anthro, S&D}

I'm convinced! Thanks to Jennifer I'm no longer afraid of big bold makeup collections. She did agree that the papricka shadow would be hard to pull off and the sangria blush is slightly harsh for fairer skin tones, but the soft baby pinks would be a perfect match. And they were. We went a little outside the collection and added a Nars smokey gray shadow to the crease, which prevented "albino tired eyes" Ahh Yes...So that's the description I'm always searching for when I pull an all pink lid. My favorite part of this look is how she added the cyan shadow as a liner to the bottom lash line and combined it with black. 

I wanted to pair this beauty look with classic black and white. Black and white pieces are something everyone has in their closets. I promise. Go look. See, I was right. I'm either psychic or have been snooping around your house. OK, maybe you wanna go lock your doors now. Stay tuned for another b&w look. There might be a tutu involved. 

February 13, 2013

What I'm Loving Today...Ray Ban Sunnies

 photo x-8.jpg

My favorite pair of sunglasses I own are my Ray Ban aviators. I feel like I have an instant cool factor as soon as I put them on regardless of whatever else I'm wearing. I've been lobbying to carry Ray Bans at our optical shop and finally my wish is coming true. Hopefully we'll have them in stock in less than two weeks. I've already got my order in for the "flash" colored avies. Such a fun modern update to a classic! 

February 11, 2013

Operation: Beautiful Skin, Part 2

 photo a1831bf3-81c1-4993-9687-54d87c51826a.jpg

 photo 967ac05a-b8df-4ee7-beab-ac7a3e6fb5bb.jpg

Remember Kristin, the Enforcer of all bad skin? If you haven't had a chance to read part 1 of this post, be sure to check out all the info on chemical peels here. If you're ready for Part 2, keep reading. 

The heavy hitter of my Skinceuticals Firming and Reconditiong facial was Vitamin C. Vit C is naturally found in the skin but diminishes as we age. (What doesn't diminish with age, answer me that!) So what does it do? By stabilizing your skin's Vitamin C, it can help build collagen production, which we all know that when collagen breaks down, so does the skin's elasticity and then wrinkles start to work their (black) magic. It also helps reverse sun damage. I once was told it looked like I had a map of Russia on my forehead, but no, it was just pigmentation from the sun (and a certain medication I was taking).  Where oh where was my Vitamin C then? Kristin touted Vitamin C as a protector. Not a substitute for sunscreen, but worn on a daily basis, it can protect the skin from UV discoloration and potentially embarrassing situations like the one just disclosed. 

So how do you get this stuff in your system? Although my daily intake of oranges just increased three fold, it's best applied topically. Look for the active ingredient, L-ascorbic acid. What's most important is that the anti-oxidant is in the most stabilized form. Look for an airtight, opaque bottle! Kristin said Vitamin C works great with another anti-aging anti-oxidant, Vitamin E--that's the alpha tocopherol. The Ferulic Acid helps stabilize the Vit C which again is important for achieving the maximum benefit. 

So basically this little number can provide a whole lot of anti-aging goodness. It'll set you back a buck fitty so I think I'll start a little fund with left over grocery money. The kids can survive off fruit roll-ups and soup for a month, right? 

February 8, 2013

Spring Plaid & A Vintage Jacket

 photo 8c549c67-86bc-4b1f-a7c5-04f1fdaec807.jpg

 photo fd40fe04-0b1b-4355-bb94-013af732b75c.jpg

 photo 0ec81005-2d60-41df-ad8e-4410af85784e.jpg

 photo 1dc8aad5-422c-4fdb-942e-c2eda36889df.jpg
{Shirt: J.Crew, Jacket: (old), similar, jeans: JBrand, mocs: ON (old), similar, Necklaces/Watch: J.Crew, purse: J.Crew Factory}

Ready for the weekend? Me too. There's a special little guy in my life turning 4 on Sunday so I'm ready to party. Something that's not 4? This jean jacket from Gap. Ohhhh noooo. This guy is actually 9. That's right. The tag says Sp '04. There are some items of clothing you keep around for way too long because for some sentimental reason, you don't have the heart to part with them. But a jean jacket from Gap is just down right, plain and simple classic. 

I love my winter ruffle plaid shirt that I wore here, so I had to get this Spring version from J.Crew. The color is "strawberry mint". If that doesn't get your ready for Spring or Summer, nothing will. Of course we just have to get through the next storm coming our way tonight. Happy Friday!

February 6, 2013

Fashion Alert: Prabal Garung for Target Coming 2/10

 photo prabal-gurung-target-3.jpg

 photo prabal-gurung-target-9.jpg

 photo prabal-gurung-target-8.jpg

 photo prabal-gurung-target-7.jpg

 photo prabal-gurung-target-6.jpg

 photo prabal-gurung-target-5.jpg

 photo prabal-gurung-target-4.jpg

 photo prabal-gurung-target-2.jpg
{photo credit: Refinery29 via Target}

I've never been able to buy a designer item at Target due to my forgetfulness and Target's fast sell out when something like this comes along. This time around, I'm ready. My alarm is set for midnight on the 10th and I can't wait to score some of these beautiful pieces from the Prabal Garung collection. But then I had to ask myself, why? I would never buy lace up open toe stilettos with flowers on them if I saw them sitting randomly on the shoe rack at Target. But attach a designer name to 'em and I'm all over it. It's something about the feeling a fashion lover gets when she knows she can have a little piece of a designer that she might not ever have otherwise. Oh sneaky little devil. You had me at designer.

See the rest of the collection at PG for Target Lookbook

February 4, 2013

Operation: Beautiful Skin Part 1

 photo 8d0ad758-a172-4b26-80d0-0de007f79d00.jpg
{A disguise has been used at the request of the victim} 

 photo a1831bf3-81c1-4993-9687-54d87c51826a.jpg

 photo 7e037f36-33be-486c-9660-486ba43f5c38.jpg

Will Winter ever end? It's been brutally cold here and a flash snow storm caused me a 2 hour commute on Friday, which normally takes 30 minutes. Nice way to come back from a stomach bug. So when my friend and esthetician, Kristin Cronkwright at Scott Miller Salon offerred me a SkinCeuticals Firming and Reconditioning Facial with a Double Peel add on and parrafin hand treatment (say what?) I nearly started foaming at the mouth I was so excited. 

I'm a SkinCeuticals newbie so I was extremely curious to see if I'd like it. Because my head is swimming with so much information,  I'm going to break this down into 2 posts:
1. the double peel 
2. concentrated antioxidant treatment

The natural order of events for the facial was as follows: Cleanse, Tone, Analyze, Exfoliate, Peel, Massage, Mask, Treat, Eye Cream, Moisturizer. 

The purpose of a chemical peel is to strip the dead skin cells away, thus stimulating happier, brighter cells to the surface. It's great for people with acne, dull skin, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation. There were 2 types of chemicals used in the double peel process. One was Salicylic Acid and the other, Glycolic Acid. The DP is something you can get as a one time add on, or a series of treatments. Labeled the "lunchtime facial", this peel takes 20 minutes and you can be in and out and back to work with your take out within the hour.  The first step of the peel: Salicylic Acid. Kristin compared this to the Pacman part of the peel. Anytime something can be compared to a video game I'm all for it. (nerd alert: I am really good at video games. I've beaten Commando, Super Mario Bros-all versions and Mike Tyson's Punch Out, among others) SA penetrates the top layer of skin. So this is really beneficial for acne. Glycolic Acid penetrates into the deeper layers of the dermis. It dissolves the protein that adheres the dead cells to the surface of the skin. GA reduces pore size, creating a smoother texture. Collagen production is stimulated causing reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. I felt a little stinging with both products, something Kristin warned me of, but it was manageable. There were no restrictions as far as what make-up I could/couldn't use afterwards and I only had a little flaking around my nose and apparently some in between my nostrils which looked like a booger all day as my husband pointed out to me. And I'm gonna say skin looks amazing. 

February 3, 2013

IFB Links å la Mode: Pinky & The Brain


Pinky & The Brain

Edited by: Taylor Davies
So what do I mean, exactly, by Pinky & The Brain? Well, this week’s round up is a mix of fun and colorful posts that literally incorproate a lot of pink, as well as smart and insightful commentary on the industry and some recent designer collections. This collection of posts sums up much of what the essence of what our IFB community is all about – mixing beauty and stylish content with an intellingent and businesss-minded approach.


Shopbop Lingerie: CKEberjey swimDKNYShapewearBB DakotaCosabellaMarlies DekkersKushcush, VPL, Jenny Packham

IFB is such a great blogging community. Anyway that I can be associated with them makes for a good day. Hope everyone is having a great weekend and be sure to check out some of these other bloggers!

February 1, 2013

Butterfly Crotch, Anyone?

 photo x-11_zpse7bdf96c.jpg

{Gap: 1//2, Loft: 1//2, J.Crew: 1//2, Anthro: 1//2}

So I've been on a short hiatus and I wish there was a good reason for it. But no, I'm just one of everyone who had to deal with the stomach bug this year. And there are two things I've learned about the bug. 1. Do not keep a 3 year-old in the house with you while trying to re-coupe, even if he says he's sick just like you, because most likely he will still have way more energy than you and 2. I'm pretty sure Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is the WORST movie to watch when you have the stomach bug. It was a bad, bad day. 

But I'm feeling much better now (pause to sip on lemon-lime gatorade) and ready to discuss funky prints that I'm seeing pop up for Spring. Have you ever been browsing in um, say Athropologie and find a shirt you really love and then notice it's covered in a bug print? Happens all the time. I can't spend that much money on a beautiful peasant shirt with beetles on it. Just can't. Don't know how I'm feeling about butterflies on the crotch like in the J.Crew short but I'm sure J.Crew knows I'll love it if they give me some time. I don't know if I'd grab a animal print over a polka dot just yet but those penguins sure are cute.