The Fluff Report: Think you can do...Legwarmers?

January 16, 2013

Think you can do...Legwarmers?

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{legwarmers: Athleta, jeans: 7FAM, sweater: MINKPINK, boots: F21, earrings: SWV}

The more I read, the more I've noticed that most bloggers include a disclosure statement somewhere on their blog. (Mine's here)Just because I'm a nerd, I looked up the word on and one of the definitions was: "something that is disclosed". Really Ok, thanks for clearing that up. A better defintion would be "the act of making new or secret information known". So here is disclosure #1 about this particular post: I look sick. Not sick in an 80's mint kinda way. More sick in a gross kinda way. I'm not afraid to admit that I detest these pictures from the knee up and I swear I'm not 6 months pregnant in the last shot but the whole point of the post is to focus from the knee down so I guess I'm still in business.   

So...Legwarmers? Whatcha think? My friend Sarah had them on over leggings. She said she hated the look of socks over leggings when she went to someone's house and had to take off her shoes. Genius Sar! I agree. They make the legs look skinny and keep them toasty at the same time. I find myself wearing them at home a lot while lounging. Disclosure #2: I've even worn them to bed, which my husband tolerates much more than my usual socks. (yes, i wear socks to bed...what? I can't sleep if I have cold feet). Ok, I think I've revealed enough secret information for one post. So now it's your turn...Would you wear legwarmers? 


  1. Fun! Loving the color in your legwarmers and your boots!

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  2. These are so great! I used to wear legwarmers for dance so naturally I always love them.

  3. I wear legwarmers all the time even in summer. I love legwarmers. They make walking feel better by warming my ankles and generally, makes me feel cool even though I don't know why. Also, hide the fact that my boots are definitely beat up, that these are unlaced, etc.


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