The Fluff Report: Think you can do...High Top Wedge Sneakers?

January 4, 2013

Think you can do...High Top Wedge Sneakers?

If you live in Rochester, NY and know a little about fashion and trends, you are all too familiar with our conservative enviornment. Cautious and careful, us Rochestarians are generally not ahead of the curve when it comes to trying new fashion trends. Case in point...the hightop wedge. They've been around the fashion scene for awhile now but I haven't spotted a single woman in Rochester strutting around town in these beauts. I originally thought they'd look ridiculous on me, so why do I want them after seeing these celebs pics? Maybe I think my legs will miraculously look like Gisele's if I wear them. Sadly, I think we all know that I'll end up looking more like Hillary. (Sorry Hill, bad bad pic).  Will they make me feel like the third grader I was in my white leather Reeboks? Will I feel just a little more sophisticated this time around? Too many unanswered questions to make a decision right now. I'd love to hear if you have or would tout the trend!

L-->R: Jaime King, Gisele, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardash, Hillary Duff

L-->R: Sarah Hyland, Sarah Michelle Gellar-Prinze, Alessandra Ambrosio
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  1. Becky, I felt the same trepidation as you about this trend for a while (I come from an Arkansan town that is probably more behind in fashion than Rochester).
    However I recently moved to NYC and walk everywhere so I needed comfortable, stylish shoes with support. (And I love heels but they're impractical for everyday use right now). I purchased a pair of solid black high top wedges and LOVE them. Here's a picture

    I say it's a fun trend worth trying! And I don't jump on trend band wagons often.


  2. Mollie~You are convincing me to get a pair. You look absolutely adorable!! I hope you don't mind but I reposted your instagram pic on my FB page. Love it!!

  3. Well clearly you are not the only one on the fence about them! I'm still trying to figure out if I like 'em or not. I think I do... you know what go for it!

  4. I never thought I'd say this but... I'm lovin them!


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