The Fluff Report: Pink & Red: Bobbi, Bloggers and Beauties

January 23, 2013

Pink & Red: Bobbi, Bloggers and Beauties

 photo x-9_zpsbed614b6.jpg

 photo x-10_zps8303828f.jpg

What a beautiful couple. One of "those" couples that brightens and shines when they're close to each other. You know those lovely couples that finish each other's thoughts. One is not from Venus. The other is not from Mars. No, they are both from the same place complimenting each other day after day after day. Gag reflux...NOW. So those couples are actually annoying but red and pink are not. They're fiery and hot and shocking when they are together. Just how it should be...

How the bloggers do it...

 photo poorlittleitgirlcom-1_zpsa27f959c.jpg

 photo preppy2_zps3b9ad998.jpg

Kendi from Kendi Everyday
 photo 6997278819_d6f48b5787_o_zps955dafd9.jpg

How the celebs do it...

Sarah Jessica Parker (photo credit)
 photo Picture2-3_zps98930ee7.png

Zoe Saldana (photo credit)
 photo b12695892c417de5_zoe-saldana_zps2bc6cfdc.jpg

Emma Stone (photo credit)
 photo Picture3-3_zps1be874d0.png

How would you do it? Lips, cheeks, nails or fashion? 


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  2. I'd do it like Emily. I love her style because she is able to pull the bold colors in a more wearable look.
    Great post!

    Connie from

  3. Hi Becky! I found you on LC's Forum :) Love your blog! These colors are so gorgeous together even when its not Valentines! And I love the simple pop of teal with the red & pink... Super cute :)

    xoxo April

  4. I love these colors together and I have since elementary school! Yay! You've now given me permission, although my mother wouldn't agree...

  5. I love those shades together, they have that amazing intensity!

  6. pink and red are perfect together!

    btw, I’m giving away a black leather bag similar to the HERMES BIRKIN one on my blog, so if you want a new bag go ahead and join the GIVEAWAY:

  7. Cute! I love this combination. And Bobbi Brown is amazing.

  8. I love pink. I love red. But I'm barely brave enough to combine red and purple...let alone the full-on red+pink.
    Baby steps!

    Great selection of inspiration photos -


  9. Love the new color from Bobbi Brown. You'll have to come into Scott Miller and play with me. The pigments are amazing and ps: the lipstick stays on forever.



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