The Fluff Report: January 2013

January 23, 2013

Pink & Red: Bobbi, Bloggers and Beauties

 photo x-9_zpsbed614b6.jpg

 photo x-10_zps8303828f.jpg

What a beautiful couple. One of "those" couples that brightens and shines when they're close to each other. You know those lovely couples that finish each other's thoughts. One is not from Venus. The other is not from Mars. No, they are both from the same place complimenting each other day after day after day. Gag reflux...NOW. So those couples are actually annoying but red and pink are not. They're fiery and hot and shocking when they are together. Just how it should be...

How the bloggers do it...

 photo poorlittleitgirlcom-1_zpsa27f959c.jpg

 photo preppy2_zps3b9ad998.jpg

Kendi from Kendi Everyday
 photo 6997278819_d6f48b5787_o_zps955dafd9.jpg

How the celebs do it...

Sarah Jessica Parker (photo credit)
 photo Picture2-3_zps98930ee7.png

Zoe Saldana (photo credit)
 photo b12695892c417de5_zoe-saldana_zps2bc6cfdc.jpg

Emma Stone (photo credit)
 photo Picture3-3_zps1be874d0.png

How would you do it? Lips, cheeks, nails or fashion? 

January 21, 2013

Fluff Color Trend: Cobalt

fullcopy photo fullcopy-3_zps5b958e71.jpg
waistdowncopy photo waistdowncopy_zpsbcea8ea7.jpg
jacket/scarfcopy photo scarfcopy_zpsb43ad397.jpg
feetviewcopy photo feetviewcopy_zpsd6291f75.jpg
lookingdowncop photo lookingdowncop_zps6878c07b.jpg
{wedges: shopruche, pants, shirt, scarf: Gap, jacket: Jack by BB Dakota, Necklaces:S&D, J.Crew}

I've been wanting a pair of cobalt shoes for quite some time. I couldn't decide between flats or heels and then I found this pair of wedges. A perfect blend of the two. Wedges are so ankle flattering and who isn't trying to achieve beautiful ankles at all times? I love this perfect pop of color with black and white but mix with silver like I did here or go bold with canary yellow or turquoise. Your ankles will love you for it! 

Try it this way...
 photo x-7-1_zps1484be80.jpg

 photo x-6-1_zpsdee6bc81.jpg

 photo x-5-1_zps413200e5.jpg

January 18, 2013

The Future's So Bright...

 photo x-4-1_zpsf743853d.jpg
 photo x-3-1_zps1cff74ac.jpg
 photo x-2-1_zpsbe4032f7.jpg
 photo x-1-1_zps879329c9.jpg

Are you ready for some brights? I can't even imagine what I would look like with Cyan, Parakeet Green and/or Matte Papricka on my lids. Sangria on my cheeks? Yikes! I always say Coral is not my color but perhaps I should add a few more to that list. The velvet gloss lip pencil sounds dreamy though and I love their matte lipsticks so Dressed to Kill might be a winner. NARS never disappoints so I'm looking forward to searching the internet to see how ladies are using this. Have a great weekend! 

January 16, 2013

Think you can do...Legwarmers?

full copy


{legwarmers: Athleta, jeans: 7FAM, sweater: MINKPINK, boots: F21, earrings: SWV}

The more I read, the more I've noticed that most bloggers include a disclosure statement somewhere on their blog. (Mine's here)Just because I'm a nerd, I looked up the word on and one of the definitions was: "something that is disclosed". Really Ok, thanks for clearing that up. A better defintion would be "the act of making new or secret information known". So here is disclosure #1 about this particular post: I look sick. Not sick in an 80's mint kinda way. More sick in a gross kinda way. I'm not afraid to admit that I detest these pictures from the knee up and I swear I'm not 6 months pregnant in the last shot but the whole point of the post is to focus from the knee down so I guess I'm still in business.   

So...Legwarmers? Whatcha think? My friend Sarah had them on over leggings. She said she hated the look of socks over leggings when she went to someone's house and had to take off her shoes. Genius Sar! I agree. They make the legs look skinny and keep them toasty at the same time. I find myself wearing them at home a lot while lounging. Disclosure #2: I've even worn them to bed, which my husband tolerates much more than my usual socks. (yes, i wear socks to bed...what? I can't sleep if I have cold feet). Ok, I think I've revealed enough secret information for one post. So now it's your turn...Would you wear legwarmers? 

January 14, 2013

Classic Black, Bold Brights & Shimmery Neutrals: Fashion from the Golden Globes




Awards season has started! I love watching the Golden Globes. If only I could be a fly on the wall. I'd hover right above Leo and Ben all night. Anyway, there seemed to be a few consistent trends last night. Classic black, bold red/coral and neutral/pastels. Usually there are one or two mishaps but everyone looked amazing. I'd have to pick Jessica Alba or Kate Hudson for my best dressed list. Who would you pick? 

*photo credits from,, all imported via polyvore*

January 10, 2013

IFB Links à la Mode: 2013's Beauty&Beyond

I was so excited to see that my blog post highlighting "5 beauty trends to try in 2013" was chosen by Independent Fashion Bloggers as one of the best submissions of the week. I love and admire these other bloggers so to be grouped with them was an honor. Grab a cup of coffee and take a read at some of these other posts that focus on the new year!

January 8, 2013

Winterize Your Skincare Routine

Throughout the winter months, I look in the mirror and see sallow, dull skin. I see chapped lips and more undereye circles. My rosiness looks more ruddy than a pretty flush. I stepped on the scale this morning and saw that I've gained 5 lbs. Ok, so that has nothing to do with my skin but it does contribute to my blah feeling about myself in January. Cue Bonnie Bittner, my friend and esthetician at the Del Monte Spa.  I went to Bonnie to find out how I could spruce up my skincare routine throughout the colder months and this is what she told me...

1. Use a serum under your moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid. HA is a substance normally found in the body but by using it topically, it helps your skin maintain it's natural moisture which we lose during the harsher temps and forced dry air. It's perfect for all skin types, even oily skin. I loved that Bonnie said "Yes, you can have oily and dehydrated skin! One is a skin type (oily, meaning produces too much sebum) and the other is a skin condition (dehydrated, meaning lack of water)." Makes total sense. 

serums copy

2. Next tip was to use a heavier night cream or try a thin layer of a moisturizing "mask" at bedtime. Your skin will be gorgous, soft and hydrated when you hit the snooze button at 6 am.
  • comfort zone hydramemory extra cream 24h or hydramemory mask $25-50
  • The Body Shop Wise Woman Regenerating Night Cream $35
  • Aveda Intense Hydrating Mask $22

3. Lip balms are essential to keeping your lips from getting chapped. Nothing looks worse than a bright lipstick layered over chapped, flaky lips. I'm making a Britney X-factor face just thinking about it. Good idea to avoid lip plumpers as they tend to contain "irritants"to help with the plumping part but may end up chapping more.


  • Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm: Shea Butter and Vit E ~$7.50: Not just for the men! The smell is neutral and will even stay on throughout a workout.
  • Palmer's Cocoa Butter Swivel Stick ~$3.00: I keep this in my center console in my car and apply at just about every red light in the winter! 
  • Qtica Intense Lip Repair Balm ~$12.00: Bonnie swears by this and apparently Lucky magazine does too! 

*photos via images imported to polyvore
**Britney pic credit:

January 7, 2013

My Favorite Winter Accessory...Faux Fur

side copy
{stole: Anthropologie, plaid ruffle shirt: Gap, cashmere boyfriend sweater: Gap-similar, denim leggings in Pitch: J Brand, flats: Nine West}

Warm winter accessories are a must in my neck of the woods. Nothing warms you up more than a little faux fur. My faux collection includes fur cuffed gloves, fur coat, fur vest, fur snood and my latest addition is this fur stole. Back wonder what a snood is? After watching the Grinch movie a zillion times this holiday season, I agree, it does sound like something those Whos would wear.  But alas, it's just a fancy word for tubular scarf. And if you're wondering where to get my "bracelet", it's not for sale.  It's an original design from the local bounce house birthday party that I dropped my kids off in order to take some blog pics. That's dedication folks. So if you don't think faux fur is for you, please at least tell everyone you know what a snood is. And tell them you learned it from my blog. 

Faux fur ideas

*this post is a submission to ifb project #78*

January 4, 2013

Think you can do...High Top Wedge Sneakers?

If you live in Rochester, NY and know a little about fashion and trends, you are all too familiar with our conservative enviornment. Cautious and careful, us Rochestarians are generally not ahead of the curve when it comes to trying new fashion trends. Case in point...the hightop wedge. They've been around the fashion scene for awhile now but I haven't spotted a single woman in Rochester strutting around town in these beauts. I originally thought they'd look ridiculous on me, so why do I want them after seeing these celebs pics? Maybe I think my legs will miraculously look like Gisele's if I wear them. Sadly, I think we all know that I'll end up looking more like Hillary. (Sorry Hill, bad bad pic).  Will they make me feel like the third grader I was in my white leather Reeboks? Will I feel just a little more sophisticated this time around? Too many unanswered questions to make a decision right now. I'd love to hear if you have or would tout the trend!

L-->R: Jaime King, Gisele, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardash, Hillary Duff

L-->R: Sarah Hyland, Sarah Michelle Gellar-Prinze, Alessandra Ambrosio
photos credits: hereherehere & here

January 2, 2013

5 Beauty trends to try in 2013


brightlips copy

photo credits: via Polyvore

New Year. New Trends. 

1. White manis were on the runway for Spring 2013. This clean and modern look works best on short, slightly rounded nails. Try Deborah Lippman's Like a Virgin or Amazing Grace to recreate this new neutral. 

2. Metallic shadows were also seen for Spring '13, ranging from bold pewter at Chanel to golden bronze at Versace. Combine the look with a bit of black eyeliner and top with black mascara. 

3. I'm personally very happy that bright lips are here to stay. Take the time to find the right shade of shocking pink, red, or poppy to flatter your skin tone. Keep it matte. Too much shine on a bright lip can look a little cheap. Try Nars Funny Face, MAC Russian Red, or FACE Stockholm French Martini.

4. How do you feel about Pantone's color of the year: Emerald? I'm not so sure I'm loving it quite yet but I am sure that I'm seeing emerald nail shades popping up, like OPI's Jade is the New Black. 

5. Vibrant blue lids are fun and punchy. Try aqua, cobalt or navy. On the runway, Armani did aqua, Moniqhue Lhuiller created some drama with MAC electric eel and Just Cavalli (my fav) played with navy. 

Which beauty trends will you try in 2013?