The Fluff Report: 2013

December 30, 2013

The Classic Shirtdress

 photo 48f04b22-d081-4116-859d-20f3eb921980.jpg

 photo 167534c1-20dc-4a79-928b-dd9a93f5a916.jpg

 photo e901b49d-d0bb-433d-a937-221e4d7fd8e7.jpg

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[dress: BR, earrings: j.crew, snood: Madewell (old), similar, boots: vince camuto, belt: the limited]

You would think it's the holidays that have had my preoccupied, but no…it's been watching 3 seasons of Scandal in ten days. Now that I'm caught up, I can finally get back to my normal schedule of family, work, blogging and wrapping up 2013. But seriously…how amazing is Olivia Pope? 

If you ever get distracted like myself and need a good last minute outfit-try a shirtdress. I'm loving all the options from Banana Republic right now. I have this dress in shirt form as well. Black and white is such a classic combo. I opted to add some color with my new fun, red bow belt thanks to a wonderful present from my Sis-In-Law! Clothing conundrum? My fiercest, inner Olivia Pope says "Consider it handled". 

December 25, 2013

Oh Merry Day

 photo 4935d288-de0a-4689-827f-c661b3094a2c.png
 photo 7b2cb303-acf2-4f5b-beb0-91a1112e315f.png
 photo 80004812-0179-420d-b360-4d8f6d03e268.png

Merry Christmas! I hope you all are enjoying the holiday with friends, family and loved ones. May you have time to relax, unwind and reflect on 2013. I'd love to take this time to thank you all for following my little 'ol blog. I hope TFR can continue to inspire in the year ahead. Hope you got a pretty little package under the tree this morning! XO

December 23, 2013

Dress Ladies (Put A Sweater On It)

[Dress: old, similar, Sweater: J.Crew (40% off in stores), booties: F21(old), similar, watch: Timex for J.Crew, bracelet: SD, clutch: GiGi NY]

Do you have your holiday outfits planned? I like being cozy but dressy so throwing a bejeweled sweater over a dress can give you the best of both worlds. Especially when the jeweled sweater is 40% off. I went for a more boxy oversized feel and can't decide if I like the bow tie tucked in to show off the jewels or out in a fun, flouncy bow. Doing some last minute mailing, the man at the post office labeled me bedazzled Becky and I got stopped at the grocery store with a "beautiful sweater" compliment. So save on the statement necklace and just throw a sweater over it-compliments included. 

December 18, 2013

The Spirit of Giving: A LuLu Frost Jewelry Giveaway!

There's one week until Christmas and I for one am counting down the days! I've got my sparkle all picked out but do you? If not, why not enter to win this gorgeous bracelet from LuLu Frost?! I received it in my monthly PopSuger box and although I love it, I want to give something sparkly to my faithful followers! I will pick a winner on Friday and I'm hoping to get it to you in time for your holiday celebrations. XO

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December 17, 2013

Take your LBD from Day to Night

[Dress: Zara]

Often times I have to take my outfit from day to night, especially around the holidays. I'm always trying to devise ways to make this transition a smooth one. I loved taking this classic LBD and making it work during or after office hours. I'm stealing my friend Rachel's favorite saying "Business in front and party in the back" to describe this black beauty. Because the length is slightly below the knee and the neckline is higher, it immediately becomes work worthy. The twist is the open V back for night that elevates the conservative hem length. A tweedy blazer hides the open back [and prevents a draft] during the day. I have to opt for a kitten heel while running around between patients but I have no problem leaving those gals in my office to stomp around town in high heels. I love the scalloping details on these. Simple stud earrings are classic to wear daily. Add a statement necklace for some nighttime shine and sparkle. Slip a GiGi New York clutch in your day bag and have it double as your evening carryall. Did I mention this dress is 79.99? What's less expensive than that? A FREE tan at Sun Tan City. 

Stop by your local Sun Tan City today and take advantage of Free Tan Week! Restrictions may apply. Offer valid December 16- December 22 at all Sun Tan City locations. 

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Sun Tan City as a part of the Style Squad program. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and not indicative of the opinions or positions of Sun Tan City.

December 16, 2013

FLUFF Country

 photo 9639ebfd-ece8-4fb2-b04a-9bbdc56eca0e.jpg

 photo ec8d19e7-acec-4cf9-a6f0-18c73c1592e2.jpg

 photo 795a555d-d96d-4a4e-bd31-709b98f6861b.jpg

 photo 59484ca1-06c8-48da-8204-a48a47cae6fd.jpg

 photo 347a4105-21ac-4d37-8ef4-a1210d4578fd.jpg


[Bow and Drape FLUFF sweatshirt, GAP checkered shirt-similar, GiGi New York clutch c/o, Sanctuary pant, Sorel boots, Timex for J.Crew watch, Factory bracelet, Gorjana & Griffin bracelet]

Ahh...I've been waiting for this gem to be delivered. For some reason I keep getting early Christmas presents. I can't imagine how that's happening but who am I to question it? If you haven't discovered Bow and Drape, I would advise you to head over to their website as soon as your done reading this. I customized the Billie sweatshirt but they also have the most adorable party perfect looks like the Hepburn A line skirt. Pick the hem length, skirt color (I love the teal) and sash color. It's stunning! 

It you saw my TV Gift Guide segment, you'll remember the GiGi New York personalized clutch was the #1 item on my list. I love the rich, burgundy color but it comes in 9 other options for your fancy. 10% off if you join the mailing list and free shipping. That makes it a wonderful, personal gift. 

And last but certainly not least for my snowy woods are my Sorel Tivoli boots. These boots are perfect for a few reasons: 1. I have a slight commute from my car to the front door of my office so I need a boot to navigate the slippery sidewalks 2. Ski season has started and these boots are easy to slip on and off in the lodge 3. with all the snow we get here, they are comfortable to wear for everyday running around without the bulk. Plus how can you resist a little herringbone pattern? Obviously I couldn't.

December 13, 2013

The Christmas Sweater: Alluring or Awkward?

I love when I get a text from my friend Sarah about blog posts ideas. I was especially pumped when I read the last one. "Blog post. I need a cute or ugly Christmas sweater for Monday." I'm not sure which way I would go...I love the look of a stylish winter sweater, especially now that the temps are dropping. But who can resist a cropped deer humping frock? And I love how the snowman stamp girl is holding a football. Forget donning your favorite sports team sweatshirt on game day and go with a tacky snowman instead. It's just too irresistible. I say go for the ugly. What do you say? 

December 12, 2013

MBFC: DIY Holiday Cake Plate

 photo 9b7a31f6-2132-4bd2-a891-82fadcb0bdbc.jpg

 photo a204030e-6e86-401d-a223-eec9f5f19bd9.jpg

 photo 78984e17-4bc3-484b-bd62-feb082a4e228.jpg

 photo af79397d-5f88-4c86-8935-693f393f4a4e.jpg

 photo ab4ed052-45a9-4623-90d6-3d5db7646741.jpg

Not only is she stylish, but she's crafty. Now I'm not one for DIY, but these cake plates are simple, pretty and inexpensive to create. The plates and candlesticks are fun finds from the local TJ Maxx and Marshalls and can range in price from $2.99 to a whopping $5.99. The candlesticks were purchased at HobbyLobby. Again, a steal for under $10. I love these as gifts for a teacher, co-worker, or friend.  Wrap up some of your favorite Christmas cookies to gift those as well for a charming presentation. Merry Gifting! 

December 9, 2013

Easy Equation for Holiday Glam

 photo a8bda732-1163-4ef9-bc2e-49c043978b29.jpg

 photo d4b35ac7-41b6-498f-a579-0d660c8709d8.jpg

 photo 5fddcd0b-6e29-4c93-bb08-db1f132ee4e2.jpg

 photo b8b8c944-03bc-4f8f-8bbe-3cd5de22ab46.jpg

 photo fbde347c-ac90-4b55-8d5a-797f66a467a3.jpg

[Anthropologie fuzzy ascot, LOFT tee, Anthropologie cropped tuxedo blazer, J.Crew skirt, Nononsense leopard tights-$5!,Target clutch, BR heels, Capwell and Co. necklace c/o]

Look-the holidays are stressful. I feel like just when I have one area of my house decorated, the empty bins and boxes stay there for a good week, making the decorated area not so festive. It's been these constant piles of messes wherever I go. I'm trying to make my house feel cozy and special, not like an episode of Hoarders. While decorating for me can be stressful-some people get frazzle-dazzled wondering what they are going to wear to the annual holiday party.  I live for that type of decorating so I've got an equation for you that's way easier than your child's math homework...

Playful tee + colorful mini + textured tights + classic pumps + blazer + fur scarf + statement necklace = EASY HOLIDAY GLAM!

December 7, 2013

Small Business Saturday: Sweet William Vintage

 photo b498f204-4dd5-45d8-99a8-c2e5ea620dce.jpg

 photo c992a57c-bb85-4aaf-ae7a-494f408afd6f.jpg

 photo c93c41a5-4de1-472a-8171-a2b95bc3daf9.jpg

 photo 6fca1e32-0427-4473-9fd0-db912f18bce3.jpg

 photo 4367684e-035b-4cb3-ab0e-3a48f72194ad.jpg

 photo 6a291dec-56e5-46ac-a03c-935810a07595.jpg

 photo 9ef8f8a6-1c29-4700-b1a9-32727aa7083f.jpg

 photo d2bbdb2b-58dc-43e5-a797-5807dc0a0f74.jpg

Saturdays are synonymous with family time aka "mommy day" for my boys but it's also Small Business Saturday. It's always more than okay to support small, local [or non-local] businesses, especially around the holidays. One of my favorite local lovelies is Alison, one half of the sister duo behind Sweet William Vintage. Let's face it-jewelry pieces are a dime a dozen, but how often do you find an unique bauble that incorporates vintage touches for a one of a kind creation? Yeah-it's rare. One of my favorite aspects of fashion is the individuality and expression it allows. I cherish my jewels that only I have. Do you have something special that you admire and treasure? If not-I suggest investing in your own timeless piece from Alison. 20% off and free shipping through Christmas! 

Take a look at SWV on Facebook and pick your own piece at

December 6, 2013

Gift Guide for the Fashion-loving, food-loving, decor-loving Book Worm

Since starting this blog, I'd lost my love of reading. I replaced novels with magazines and fiction with fashion blogs. Recently it was suggested I read The Husbands Secret by Liane Moriarty. It was the first book I completely lost myself in since what seems like forever. It was one of those books you stay up way too late, eyes half shut trying to get one more page in. Next came Mockingjay-{for the third time} and now I'm onto Divergent. It's amazing what a good book can do for your mindset and even your stress level. So important around this time of year...

So this gift guide is a small departure from the fashion and beauty ones you'll so often see me compose. Books really are for everyone and they do make amazing and thoughtful gifts. I called upon some of my expert friends to weigh in on their suggestions for the holiday 2013 season.

When I asked Melissa from Hungry food Love for some foodie suggestions, it took her all of 3 seconds to give me 5+ ideas. She had a little something for all types of food lovers but I narrowed it down to these. I love that she included a local sensation, Heather Saffer. Heather won Cupcake Wars, started her own cupcakery and was featured in a recent People magazine.  Her new book The Dollop Book of Frosting looks delish! 

I was also looking for some creative home decor books and Rachel from RachelClarkDesigns didn't disappoint. I can't wait to get my hands on Domino The Book of Decorating since I've seen every interior stylist with this book in hand. 

Happy gift giving! 

“A book is like a key that fits into the tumbler of the soul. The two parts have to match in order for each to unlock. Then—click—a world opens.” ~Brad Kessler

December 2, 2013

Menswear Monday

 photo 98d69932-8fad-4f21-bd9c-cf11a1e8a477.jpg

 photo f9ae81dc-14e1-4b15-a15c-9e4bc8ad5961.jpg

 photo 7be5e877-da28-4b8d-9505-0dc9e3eb0f18.jpg

 photo 92b7eb5d-f3cd-4b00-b140-739085a3b37c.jpg

 photo 14513a0f-122a-49a7-a9b8-8b91eb136047.jpg

[BR top, BR vest, BR pants, Target shoes, c/o Galian bag]

It's always a great relief when I can look at different pieces in my closet and pull them together in a totally new and different way. A relief in the sense that I haven't completely wasted money on something I'll wear only a handful of times only to then sit in my closet.  This menswear look is fabricated out of older items that I've never thought to mix . I'd say they all get along, wouldn't you agree? 

A laptop bag is essential for the working lady and I have a few that I keep in rotation. When I had my choice at the LuckyFabb conference on a Galian bag, I knew I wanted this messenger attaché. But take a look at some of my metallic holiday faves from them. Galian is offering 30% off through today! Somebody NEEDS to buy that Ailyah metallic clutch. I can't think of a holiday pairing it wouldn't get along with, wouldn't you agree? 

 photo 3011c0b2-f0d2-4d7d-ba14-a3618898debe.jpg