The Fluff Report: Just Another Mani Monday: Top Coat vs. Top Coat

November 12, 2012

Just Another Mani Monday: Top Coat vs. Top Coat


When I discovered Seche Vite fast drying top coat, I was amazed. I have never used a top coat that drys so quickly and so incredibly shiny. Although it gives my nails high gloss, it's the "quickly" part that is the necessity. As a busy Mom, some days it's hard enough to get my teeth brushed, let alone paint my nails. If I then had to wait old fashioned time for them to dry, it would be like climbing Mt. Everest naked. Impossible and never happening. But some girlfriends who hadn't heard of SV recommended Essie good to go. Always up for discovering new products, I decided to give it a try. Although it dried my nails fast, it just wasn't happening at the demanding rate of speed I wanted. I smeared a nail and yelled every watered down expletive you could imagine. "Sugar muffins!, Darn it!, What the?" So, in order to keep it tame for the children's sake, I think I'll continue on with my Seche Vite. 

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