The Fluff Report: J.Crew Jewels Wish List

November 20, 2012

J.Crew Jewels Wish List

j.crew jewels

J.Crew Bubble Earrings

My in-laws have said "There's no one that enjoys getting presents more than Becky." I didn't think I was that obvious but perhaps giving them my Christmas list the day after Halloween was a bit much. I do like to be prepared though. There is one thing that makes my Christmas list every year. Jewelry. It's usually dainty, sparkly and from J.Crew. I literally want to eat this jewelry, it looks so delicious. I love the bright colored baubles and shiny crystals. And even though they are stand alone statement pieces, I just want to pile it all on at once. So maybe I will. If it's there under the tree this year. *hint *hint for those buying Becky presents this year.


  1. They have the best jewelry don't they? I love that green necklace.

  2. Love the bracelets! I'm in LOVE with all the jewels there too!!!


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