The Fluff Report: Five Friday Favs...Cleveland Style

October 5, 2012

Five Friday Favs...Cleveland Style

 {room with a view}

 {Nordstrom Ladies' Lounge...Can Rochester please get a Nordstrom already?}

{Sweet potato fries with cilantro dill aioli} 

{samples from Sephora} 

{goodies to take home from Cleveland} 

I'm here in Cleveland for a conference. Optometrists can party like the rest of 'em so tonight's fĂȘte is at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum (pic 1). I've been here once before but still looking forward to going again and exploring. It's a wonderful place to get inspired, not only with music but with style and fashion. I cannot wait to see the Robert Alford, a music photographer, exhibit. Also, hoping to get a glimpse of some amazing artifacts at the Right Here, Right Now exhibit. Happy Weekend! 


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