The Fluff Report: Long, Lovely Lashes

September 7, 2012

Long, Lovely Lashes

I feel as an Optometrist it is my professional obligation to talk to you about the amazing Latisse. In case you don't know, Latisse is a prescription eye drop that promotes growth and increases fullness of your eye lashes. Your lashes grow in a matter of weeks! This honestly works. How, you ask?  It's actually a smaller concentration of a medication used to treat the eye disease, glaucoma. Two side effects of glaucoma medications are: eyelash growth and changing your irises (colored part of eye) brown.  So the company took the better of the two and packaged it into a cosmetic prescription drug. Genius! It comes with a set of little paint brushes for you to apply onto the lashes, therefore avoiding eye color change. Unfortunately most insurance companies don't understand this really, truly is a medical necessity. So, it'll cost around 100 dollars for one bottle. Insiders tip: once you attain those luscious lashes, you can drop down to a maintenance dose and make that bottle last a lot longer. But don't take my word for it, just take a look at beauty Claire Danes. 

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