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October 20, 2014

My Best Friend's Closet: Boho for Fall

 photo 3cfe8776-c32b-41fe-bafd-2f366e730b87.jpg

To carry on this boho look that I'm loving, I asked Carrie what she's been coveting along the same theme. She didn't have a problem spouting off 5 recent purchases that all fall within the relaxed vibe for Fall. A staple for Carrie has been her Stella & Dot dainty arrow necklace for layering. Whenever we are together and she's wearing it, someone comments on how much they love it. The fringe earrings were a fab find from Marshalls. Wish I was along for that shopping trip! I convinced Carrie to get the Urban Outfitters slouchy tote. Real suede for $100 and it holds A-LOT! If you are up to date on your Fluff posts, then you know I loved her Anthro dress so much that I did my last outfit post wearing it. When asked what beauty purchases she'd wear with this look-Carrie chose a vibrant Grape lip color with understated eyes-such an easy look for anyone to pull off!

October 13, 2014

Floral Lace Dress + Floppy Hat = Boho Chic for Fall

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[dress: anthro, tote: FP, hat: gap(old), similar, similar, similar,shoes (old): JCP, lip color: Beautycounter Lipsheer in Plum]

When I was younger, all we did was borrow clothes from each other-even if it was XXL plaid flannels and rugbys. Now in my thirties-I'm proud to say I'm still able to head over to a friend's closet and find something I love and borrow. Our own wardrobes can get boring, so it's nice to be able to have something "new" for a night. 

I will say though that I once had this hat. I loved it, but returned it for another one from Anthropologie. (this one in fact...)You've heard of buyer's remorse, but I've had "returner's remorse" with this one. It was affordable, comfortable and a good fit for my small head. (pouty face) I'm hoping Gap will come out with the same version this year. I won't be so stupid this time around...

This dress is the perfect transition piece. Since we've had some warmer days, you could wear it bare legs to show off the last bit of tan from the Summer. Once the chill hits, throw some tights underneath. 

I will admit to you that my shoes were an impulse buy many years ago. While attending a local fashion show, the models were wearing them. I fell in LOVE! The next day I heard they were on sale at the boutique so I rushed over to buy them only to find out that the ones on sale were actually WORN in the show. I didn't care-I got them at a discounted price and loved them just the same. 

Looking for a floppy hat and floral boho dress? Look no further...Check out my picks below! 

October 10, 2014

Fall Coats and a Jewelry Subscription!

 coat: gap (sold out online),similar, chambray: madewell, tee: h&m, leggings: gap, clutch: fp, bracelets: emersonandoliver, ring:gorjana via rocksbox, shoes:converse, lipcolor: Plum from Beautycounter

I've said that my Fall 2014 obsession is coats. The first one was here and from the kids section at Gap! Here is another Gap coat that is functional and perfect for the season. I'm loving navy and pairing it with black. rules anymore! Wear what feels right!

Thanks to my friend Jenny Sanzo from the Flower City Fashionista, I was introduced to RocksBox. This jewelry subscription service is genius for those who love wearing new jewels but tire easily of the same style and don't have the bucks to keep buying. This subscription service sends 3 pieces at a time. Wear as much or as little as you want. When you are done, send them back for 3 more pieces OR if you fall in love-buy a piece for a substantial discount. All for under $20/month. Sign up for a FREE month HERE. I was so impressed with my first box which included this Gorjana Mesa crossover ring as well as some gorgeous Loren Hope earrings. 

Some consider leggings the ultimate fashion faux pas, but these Gap zipper ankle leggings are heavier and feel more like a pant. You can't go wrong with the comfort!

And finally--this clutch came in my vegan leather tote from Free People. For under $70-it's literally the bag of the seasons. I love the eggplant color that works perfect with all the deep Fall colors. 

October 8, 2014

My Favorite Red Lipstick and the Reasons Why...

If you dare to don bright lips, you know that it can be tricky finding the right shade that won't make you look garish.  I've tried a million reds and love my "go to" color. And now I'm gonna tell you why...
 photo ScreenShot2014-10-05at74258AM.png

1. It's matte. Glossy red is a little much unless you are dressing for an 80's Halloween party as a "Simply Irresistible" girl. hmm....I actually have one of those on the calendar. 

2. It cost $24. In my opinion, this is a great moderate price for lipstick. 

3. It smells like peppermint. Have you ever bought lipstick that just smelled horrible? Like cheap plastic? That can't be good for you. This is a like a refreshing breath mint. 

4. I always get compliments when I wear it-including from men. It's one thing for a man to notice red lipstick, but it's an entirely different category for a man to compliment it!

5. There are no parabens, phthalates, mineral oil and triclosan. It's also gluten free. If you've seen me lately or listen to me talk, you know that's important to me. 

6. It lasts without looking flaky, crusty or dry and won't bleed or run. 

7. I never use lip liner with it. I just haven't had the need which makes it an easy and fast application. 

Shades of red are so individual! What color works for you? 

September 22, 2014

Black, Blue, Plaid & Leopard

[jacket: Gap kids, plaid: Gap, jeans: ON, shoes: nine west (old) GREAT post on leopard flats HERE!!, bracelets: E&O, earrings: C.Wonder, bag: Liebeskind, lip color: Lively by Tarte, sunglasses: RayBan]

I've had a slight obsession with coats this season. Last year around this time, it was boots. This latest find was actually in the KIDS section at Gap. I've never been an XXL in anything, but for kids-it fits perfect. For all you petite ladies out there-I highly suggest taking a look at the kids section. The items are cheaper and often times fit great. Just be watchful of the arm lengths. They can run a little short. 

I personally love mixing black and blue. I think it's one style question that people tend to mull over in their minds-wondering if it's ok. The only time I wouldn't mix it, is if I'm wearing black suit pants and navy shoes. I tend to use this pairing for more casual outfits. 

Now that my hair is getting long again, I love putting it back in different ways. This was a spur of the moment look using my kid's rainbow loom rubber bands because that's what I had on hand. I used a small strand that I pulled from the back and wrapped it around the bottom pony, then secured with a bobby pin to hide the neon green band. 

Have a happy Monday!