The Fluff Report

June 2, 2016

Mustard + Coral = A perfect combo with Banana Republic!


I wore this outfit for a Mother's Day dinner with my Mom. We tried out a fantastic vegan restaurant. I admit, I was hesitant. Can vegan food be tasty and flavorful? Absolutely! Like our waitress told us, just because it's vegan, doesn't mean it's low calorie! We started with some tartines-open faced sandwiches that were unbelievably delish. Our favorite was the blue cheese and candied walnut. My Mom had risotto and I had a gnocchi. Our stomachs and hearts were full. It was nice to spend some time with my Mom on a beautiful night. We walked over to this gorgeous church afterwards so she could snap some pics for my collaboration with Banana Republic! (If you are local, be sure to check out Vive Bistro!) 

Mustard and coral are two colors I never think to put together. I honestly do not own one thing in my closet that is mustard. When Banana Republic sent me this tank and sweater to style, they mentioned the pieces do NOT have to be worn together but when I coupled them-I was pleasantly surprised! I actually loved how they complimented each other. The fit of this coral tank is very forgiving with the small peplum flared bottom. I like to have a selection of cardigans in my closet and I want one in every color of this lightweight merino wool version. It comes in 14 colors and is on sale right now! It's a perfect summer sweater for those chilly nights. 

*thank you to Banana Republic for sponsoring this post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own. 

March 31, 2016

Springtime with Banana Republic!


The beginning of Spring can be dreary in Rochester. It's probably my least favorite season so I find having something to look forward to can ease the pain of the rainy, chilly weather. My three besties and I planned a girls' weekend in Hollywood Beach, Florida for the beginning of May. I won't tell you what we'll be celebrating but it involves a milestone birthday: one that might signify we are "over the hill".  None of us ladies have been to Hollywood Beach before so I would love to hear some suggestions on where to eat, drink and play! 

I was so excited when Banana Republic asked to team up to show off some new Spring arrivals! I can tell ya when this lilac peplum lace top arrived on my doorstep , I knew right away it would be traveling to Florida with me. It literally can be paired with just about anything in my closet.  Skinny jeans, pencil skirt, high waisted shorts, or the chambray Ryan pants from BR,  his top has so much versatility. I'm in love with the beautiful lace detailing and fluttery, scalloped sleeveless edges. 

Pink and grey are two of my most loved color combinations. This fringe grey cardi has a boxy, cropped look with a great weight to it which I think is perfect as a transition piece into Spring. Fringe can be a scary trend for some but this has literally just the right amount. Such a cute detail that really takes a classic look up a notch. 

My seven year old tells me has visions. Like when we took him to a Cleveland Cavaliers game the other night, he told me he had a vision that Cleveland would have 100 points at the end of the game. Whadda ya know...Cleveland ended the game with 100 points. I too have visions. Like when I saw this choker knot necklace, I immediately envisioned it with a peplum top and you can guess where this is going....a peplum top landed in my lap. I haven't bought a choker type necklace since the 90's but I've found it can be extremely flattering for your neck, which I never knew was a thing but now that I'm headed over "that hill", I need to find things that flatter any part of my body. 

What are you searching for as a new Spring addition to your wardrobe? Pop into Banana Republic because you will definitely find a ton of cute stuff! 

“Banana Republic provided free product in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.”

January 11, 2016

One Word for 2016!

We've survived the first week of the New Year and getting back to work, school and the busy lives we all lead. Did you make resolutions for 2016? Have you abandoned them already? Over the years I've gone from written lists, to mental agendas to boycotting resolutions all together. Do people succeed in committing to their yearly goals? Out of curiosity, I had to Google the top 10 resolutions for 2015: 

RankTop 10 New Years resolutions for 2015
Lose Weight
Getting Organized
Spend Less, Save More
Enjoy Life to the Fullest
Staying Fit and Healthy
Learn Something Exciting
Quit Smoking
Help Others in Their Dreams
Fall in Love
Spend More Time with Family

Fall in Love? Really?! Can you put that on a list  and just make it happen? It wasn't a surprise when I found out that only 8% of people actually stick to their resolutions. Back in December I was enjoying a relaxing visit to The Woodhouse Spa and as I was waiting for my treatment (which was amazing btw), I spotted a cute little book on the table. "One Word That Will Change Your Life" Catchy title. I couldn't wait to find out what that one word was. The premise was to focus on one word that can become your mantra for the year. Rather than making a list of action items that most often get forgotten by January 15th, choose a word to represent what you will concentrate on in the upcoming year. I LOVED this idea. It's incredibly tangible. Plus I thought it would be an easy concept for the boys to grasp and participate in. Each family member picked their personal word to own in 2016. After much thought, the word I chose for myself was FOCUS. When I started this blog, often times people asked how I could keep up with work, kids, family life and have time for blogging! It was a valid question and one I didn't have a good answer for other than "I have a lot of energy!" But since starting the blog, I've gone from blogging, to dreaming of opening an organic/natural skincare store, to wanting to get a degree in nutrition, to thinking of becoming a beauty supplement rep and the list goes on and on....Have a business you want to start? Talk to me about it and then I'll try and join you! My husband, bless his heart, just rolls his eyes and tries to bring me back to reality! While it's good to be a dreamer, I'm also realistic in thinking that my thoughts and dreams are just a little too all over the place. I have a great career, wonderful husband and family and tons of friends. Why not focus on the wonderful aspects of my life that I already have? This awareness led me to hunker down with my word and get busy! I plan on picking a task and actually sticking to it. As from beginning to end. What a concept! 

First up-studying for my American board of Optometry board exam on January 28th. And you know what? When I found myself looking up the new arrivals on Athleta's website, I re-envisioned my word, closed the laptop and went back to reading about contact lenses. So it's working. Want to give it a try? Find the book HERE on Amazon.  


If you decide to do this-share your word with me. I'd love to hear it! 

December 16, 2015

A Special Edition Gift Box from People Magazine and NBC's The Voice!!


Still finishing your holiday shopping? Me too! I can't believe there are less than 2 more weeks until Christmas. December is flying by! If you are still trying to find the perfect gift for a stylish friend, niece, daughter, sister, mother or even yourself-check out this fashionable special edition gift box from the editors of People and NBC's The Voice. I love the classic red of Julep's Myriam polish and if these Quay sunglasses don't scream Gwen Stefani, than I don't know what does. I was really impressed with this gift box. A lot of times there are only a few items you may use in subscription/gift boxes but I truly feel each item was beautifully curated for the girl who loves style, fashion and beauty! See below to read what People had to say about this special box...

"Love The Voice? We’re fans too! That’s why we curated this limited edition gift box packed with 7 products worth $150 inspired by the hit NBC show for just $49.99. Inside you’ll find an exclusive pair of two-in-one ear jackets from BaubleBar, a cheeky thermal mug from, nail polish (in pitch-perfect scarlet) plus a konjac face sponge from Julep, LAQA & Co.'s newest double-duty pencil for lips and cheeks and a custom-designed Poppin notebook, emblazoned with the show’s mantra: "The Battle Is On." Since no ode to rock star style would be complete without some cool shades, we’ve also included a pair of sunglasses from Quay (a $50 value) so you can dress the part of a V.I.P. without blowing your budget."

December 11, 2015

The Woodhouse Day Spa: Shop Local for the Holidays!

Have you heard of The Woodhouse Day Spa in Victor? Nestled behind The North Face and Alex and Ani and across from Eastview Mall, The Woodhouse Spa is an upscale delight. The boutique when you walk in is full of gift giving goodies. I am so big on organic, natural and essential oil derived products. I was happy to be introduced to Voya. An organic skin care line from Ireland (and only found at the WH spa), their products incorporate the benefits of seaweed. Why seaweed, you ask? 

"Seawater and blood plasma have an almost identical chemical composition. Seaweed filters the ocean for nourishment making it the perfect solution to replenish the body’s minerals. Seaweeds, which are a type of algae, contain strong antioxidants, countless minerals, vitamins and beneficial ingredients in high concentrations to help protect your skin against free radicals, and can aid in treating a number of skin conditions, including psoriasis, eczema and acne. In fact, no plant known has a comparable quantity of minerals and vitamins."

I was guided to the locker room where a robe and slippers were provided and then sipped on some green tea while waiting for my services. One of my very favorite things, unique to WH--they asked if I wanted a warm lavender neck wrap while I was lounging. It was heaven! Lavender is known for it's calming and stress relief properties. Yup-that was something I needed to take home with me! My 6 year old stole it from me last night. Hoping it brings him some calmness since he's basically been bouncing off the walls with Christmas coming up! 

My first of two services that I received was the FOUR handed massage. Yes-you read that correctly: 4 hands, 2 therapists. I wasn't sure how that would be at first but I can honestly say these two massage therapists worked in great conjunction and rhythm. The room was relaxing and I enjoyed every second of the 80 minutes. Next, I had the express Hydrafacial. The Hydrafacial reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by a combination of deep cleansing, hydra microdermabrasion and infusion of antioxidants and hyaluronic acid. My skin was positively glowing after a 25 minute treatment. I love facials that are to the point and this one got right down to it! I would definitely go back for both of these services. 

The customer service was amazing. It was pouring out during my spa day. As I was getting ready to leave, the manager Abby, got out her umbrella and walked me to my car. As I was leaving, I saw her go over to another customer's car that was just pulling in and she walked that person into the salon. It's the little day to day polite thoughtful gestures that catch my eye and this reiterated what great customer service the Woodhouse Spa offers. I was really impressed with everyone. Great job Woodhouse Spa for having such wonderful customer service in a beautiful relaxing setting!

Take a look at all the services on their website by clicking HERE.